Why We Run: Top 5 Benefits Of Running

Along with many other endurance sports, running offers a huge number of impressive benefits to our health, life and happiness. There are various reasons we get into running in the first place - to lose weight, get fit, meet people etc - but it's usually the things we discover afterwards that keep us hitting the trails or the tarmac, day after day. It can become an addiction. As we see and feel the positive impacts that running provides us, we crave them all the more.

Our team were discussing the things we find most beneficial about running and we thought it deserved a blog post. So we've compiled our top 5 benefits of running. We'd love to hear your thoughts and find out what you love most about running.

1. It clears your head

Modern-day life is stressful. Our attention is constantly being fought for and it's difficult to remain present amongst such continual distraction and stimulation. Running can be an amazing antidote to this. It has a an incredible meditative quality that washes away the whirring thoughts in your mind and allows a momentary sense of tranquillity. Whether it's the repetition of strides, the metronome of breath and heartbeat, or the feeling of the air on your face, the senses become our focus and our anxieties dissipate. Especially in this difficult and worrisome time, running can have a powerful therapeutic purpose in our lives.

2. It's (relatively) easy

Now let us explain. Running can often feel very hard - especially when we're deep into a tough session or pushing ourselves to our max. But what we mean is, it's easy to get into in the first place. Given all we really need are a pair of trainers, the barriers to entry and almost non-existent. Most able-bodied people are capable of running as it's a natural movement that we don't need to be taught how to do, so there's no specific training that's required. A decent pair of running shoes can be bought for about £50, which is pretty good value considering all of the benefits that can be gained.

3. You can do it anywhere

Following on from the previous point, we love running because of how convenient it is too. No matter where you are in the world (apart from the sea, perhaps), there's somewhere that you can go running. Whether it's local routes around suburban pavements, winding trails through pine forests, or on a treadmill at the gym, you can run pretty much anywhere. This means that it offers masses of variety too, as you can always mix things up by changing whereabouts you run. Go and explore a new area, find an interesting trail, or even run whilst you're travelling.

4. You become part of a community

Running is seen as a highly-individual sport, but in actual fact, one of our favourite things about it is how inclusive and community-driven it is. From our experience, runners tend to be a pretty welcoming bunch and no matter what someone's fitness levels or ability are, there will always be a local group or club who's glad to have them. Whether someone has competitive aspirations or they just run for the fun of it, there will be runners to join and embrace the positive benefits together.

5. The runner's high

Yes, this is a cliché, but we couldn't put together a list of the best things about running and not include a mention of the infamous, 'runner's high'. The science behind this is debated, but from our experience, there is no debating the incredible sensation that's felt after finishing a run. Whether it's caused by endorphins, a sense of accomplishment, or anything else is beside the point for us; this rush is incredibly rewarding. It somehow makes you forget any pain or struggle during the run and keeps you searching for another hit.

So there you have it: our top benefits of running. We'd love to hear what you think and what it is that you love about our sport.

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