Need some help? We've provided some FAQs below that should resolve any queries you have. Otherwise, you can contact us using the live chat or drop us a message using the contact form on this page.

Frequently asked questions

Which activity tracker apps does GoRace work with?

Currently, we are only integrated with Strava, but are looking to expand the compatible apps in the near future.

When will my race position update after uploading an activity to Strava?

Once your run or ride has been uploaded to Strava, you should see your new race position in GoRace within 5 minutes. If it is not updating, try closing the app and reopening.

Can I create my own races?

Not currently, but this will feature will be available soon. Subscribe for updates on the Homepage to be the first to have access.

How do I level up within GoRace?

Users move to the next level when they reach 1000 points. Points are earned from the following:

Winning a race (Gold) = 1000 points
Top 10% of finishers (Silver) = 500 points Top 20% of finishers (Bronze) = 250 points Completing a race = 100 points


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